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Journals. Entries. Written words.
It's all semantics.
Study of a human language,
that has yet to hold any meaning.
Boldface word in type print
emphasizing nothing in the abyss.
All the people tossing down their
simplistic ideals for a piece of
that instant happiness.
Smoke that perfect joint to find
the perfect bliss of euphoric-
It's what we all want isn't it.
Wear the perfect jeans as you down-
the bottle.
Hold your hair back as you empty
your emotions with the toxins.
Feelings. Emotions.
What emotions? The ones force fed
down the tube of knowledge and loss.
I'm in. Are you?
Fake the grade, and mask the smile.
Maybe it will last a while.
As for me, I'm almost down.
Are you down or are you out?
You can't win without losing it all.
Toss your smile out the window-
of glass that breaks.
We know no smiles here.
We know no emotion here.
What have you to ever fear.
All the same, carbon copied-
one by one.
Or why should it be one by one,
individualism is gone.
Processed and packaged,
barcoded and stamped.
We've all become the same-
boxed and packaged
to look and feel so lame.
I'm in. Are you?
The vain and obscene words
become nothing within the scramble-
of attempts to feel the nothing.
Wrapped in a pill of perfect
emotion, the lack of.
Make sure to down 10 at a time.
Extend your frown for just the longer-
while your emotions are stolen.
Only to be sent back
as destruction and pain.
The vicious cycle to repeat
until you are buried in your grave-
At the old age we all hoped to meet,
so undeserving of hope
and happiness.
Scribbling the last fake things
that we had thought we felt.
Repeating the same words over and over
of emotions we know nothing of.
Go ahead.
It's all semantics.
Care to argue?
No one cares.
It's all semantics.
Study of a human language
that has yet to hold any meaning.
Trying this weird style of writing again. Sarcastic, satirical, an extended quote on society.

Try to figure it out I guess. It's strange. Would like comments on it because I don't typically write like this and I like to know how people interpret it. Although I must say, it's very refreshing to write in this style, so unrestricting.

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Submitted on
February 11, 2005
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